About Us


I always dreamed of being involved in the music industry, whether on stage or behind the scenes. I like to be hands on ,so I studied Sound Engineering ( thanx Mom and Martin ) for two years and while I studied, was an apprentice at Zanzibar in Pretoria. I worked 6 nights a week for 2 years and gained a lot of experience. There I learned to think fast and solve problems (thanx Jaq). Yes, I was thrown into the deep end and learned quickly.

When Zanzibar closed its doors I worked at Café Arc as the in-house engineer and earned my stripes.(thanx Cas, Martha and J.J and all at Café Arc).

So with the theory and 2 years experience I decided to start my own Sound and Lighting business , AUDIOTORCH. All I had at that stage was a small sound mixer, 2 mics, some cabling and mic stands. For live sound shows I borrowed speakers from a friend as well as his moms trailer (thanx Wiam and Anita Otto) and started my now successful sound business. It was very humble beginnings indeed.

2 years on and +/- 700 shows under my belt, I have a few full P.A sound systems (speaker systems) and lighting, monitors, all mics needed for a full Live sound production,  mic stands, cabling, large production mixing console, staff, trained engineers, backline, transport for the sound and lighting equipment ,all the lights I need for any light production and more…

I enjoy engineering my favourite performers and bands at Café Barcelona in Elarduspark every now and again (thanx Jozi, Chrisna and all the friends).

That’s the story so far, but the snowball effect is in place, so we will have lots more to talk about in the future…

Henry van Schalkwyk