What makes our live streaming services different:

  • We have live streaming packages ranging from dual-camera setups to 6-camera high-end productions.
  • We offer a wide range of solutions from live streaming videos, recordings, screens and projection, professional audio and lighting.
  • We have an independent platform to stream to which takes away all the potential pitfalls of streaming to Facebook and YouTube such as music copyright claims that might cut your stream short, or video quality deteriorating on Zoom etc. We do however, also stream to your preferred platform. 
  • We are mobile and can travel as far as needed.
  • We have a big team with backup equipment and technicians for any situation, so no matter what happens, your clients will be well provided for.

Typical live streaming packages will include: 

We provide all gear and crew needed to deliver a top-quality live stream and more. Assets on site include:

  • 2x UHD cameras and tripods.
  • Encoding video switcher.
  • Producer with laptop to manage video and streaming.
  • Digital sound mixer for a mastered output that delivers crystal clear sound.
  • 2x headsets or roaming/cordless microphones for clear audio.
  • Sound engineer to keep the speech clear, balance the audio and manage the sync for the stream.
  • Free HD video recording sent to you/client.
  • Our independent streaming platform is free of music copyright issues and is as easy to use as a YouTube video link.

Our added extras are extensive: 

  • Live sound at the venue.
  • Big screen TVs or projector screens.
  • Audio recording.
  • Staging and lighting.
  • Lapel, roaming and headset mics are all professional industry-standard.
  • Video editing for a final polished cut.
  • Production planning services from concept and scripting through to management and execution.
  • Marketing and digital PR services for live streaming events (in collaboration with Activation Media).

We specialize in providing you with the right package at the right price. Please feel free to ask about customizing the perfect deal for you.

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